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Payment of registration fees

Please note that the payment is done through an independent site. Also note that your registration is only complete once the registration fees have been paid.

Follow this link to pay your registration fees

Please note!

  • Early Career Researcher Discount is only for students, doctoral students and post-docs (a maximum of five years after doctorate)
  • Developing Country Discount is only for participants who institutions / organisations are located in developing countries. Please make sure your provide your institution's country in the registration form.
  • The payment site (HelloAsso) is financed through voluntary contributions. Before finalising your payment, you will be asked whether you would like to leave a tip (pourboire). This is not obligatory, simply set the amount to 0 should you not wish to leave a tip.
  • The form on payment site (HelloAsso) only accepts email addresses in small letters. No capital letters allowed.
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